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my discovery call offer

my FREE discovery call offer!

Tell me about your running IT project, technical problem or future technical idea in a half hour to an hour over an online call and I'll help you find the solution!

I doing this because of love to my topic. I have seen in the last 10 years a lot of IT projects and how they have started or failed. And I wanna share this knowledge back so you can get a clear plan or vision how possible the solution can be. So let us start the "Struct discussion".

  • Struct discussion

    Bring your project up

    We will start the meeting with a little introduce from both sides. Then we will talk together about your project, problem or idea. I will bring up a lot of questions through the discussion. The main goal is that I have a good understanding of your idea.

    Last but not least, we will plan our future steps together.

  • Create a concepts

    Find some next steps

    On the basis of the Last Successful discussion. I will offer you my service. This can be anything from a prototype to a structured plan or concepts for you.

  • Numbers and connections

    Find Partner or Numbers

    The goal for all is to finish it or get a better understanding of what is possible and what not. So you can finish what can be done.

    Due to this, we will find together out a way with the concept who can do it and what it may be will cost.



I already sell very successfully in my shop. Now I want to sell online!

For example, one of my Customer wanted a better process with his developer, so I created a plan for how she can integration a ticket System in the company.

For example, what comes out in the last example is: We created and documented all the Jira processes and set up in her Confluence. I help here in the daily process with the developer, like daily standup meeting over remote and technical Documentations.

My Resume //

Some Words About Me

My Awesome Story

How I got where I am today and learned all I know

Webtiser AG

2014 - 2018
01 [ . -

Employed and Group Leader (DevOps)

During a short internship with Webtiser I learned a lot about SAP Hybris and how this consulting company worked. I was able to achieve this in that the Webtiser still had a body leasing business. Thus, I was used directly in larger projects over their partners. After my internship, I worked for the company directly on various projects to bring knowledge back Because the Webtiser no longer worked with a body leasing model. I also setup my own projects internally and a DevOps group to control security and get a faster development time for all projects Webtiser worked on.

Projects I have worked on over Webtiser AG

One of the largest furniture stores in Switzerland

Built a new Hybris environment which could be used instead of the SAP client they had before. As a result, they are now able to provide mobile customer services.


Worked on the replacement of the old online shop and the development of the corporate website based on SAP Hybris


Establish mobile Hybris store.


Maintain Hybris and update features


Worked on the acquisition, stabilization and expansion of the B2B e-commerce solution.

Fischer Papier

Project takeover, optimization and operation of the B2B online shop.

Messe Frankfurt

Worked on the implementation of a 2D stand configurator based on SAP Hybris.


2012 - 2014
3 [ . -


Where I gained qualifications in software development, EFZ.


2011 - 2012
12 [ . -

Forel Klinik

Before making decisions about the future of my education I got an unsalaried job at the Forel Klinik helping out in the garden center. I learned a lot about working with people in general and since I was working with people who had drug and addiction problems I learned even more. This was my first experience with teaching and leading adults. I think they gave me more than I gave them.

My Own Developer's and
improvement Skills

I always have my eyes open to learning or trying something new. For me it is therefore very important to get feedback after any task so that I can find ways to improve.



The frameworks I use and how frequently I use them in projects
01[ . - [

SAP Hybris

Spring & Spring Boot and Jhipster




Developer Skills

A few technical skills. Apart from that, I think it is very important to have a good understanding of all applied software around.
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and more you can see on my linkedin profile, which has also been confirmed by others.

Language Skills

In spite of my dyslexia, I go to tremendous lengths to learn foreign languages in both spoken and written form. I just have to establish the best way to approach my learning.
03[ . - [




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